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Botox® Cosmetic is a non-surgical treatment that helps temporary improvement of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows.  Located in Avon, Indiana Dr. Linda Lister provides Botox® treatments.

These moderate to severe frown lines come from years of squinting, concentrating or frowning and causes your skin to furrow and crease.  As you age and time passes your skin becomes less elastic and the lines remain - even your muscles aren’t contracting any longer.

With Botox® you can get real, noticeable results and still look like yourself.  So you can still frown, look surprised and laugh all you want without the wrinkles and creases between your brows.

Results will vary per individual but below you can see that after four (4) months the wrinkles and lines have almost disappeared for a much younger and youthful look.  

CONSULTATIONS are $75 for 30 minutes so call me if you have ever considered getting Botox® and let’s talk.

BOTOX® Cosmetic


If you’ve recently noticed the development of wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), vertical lines between the brows (frown lines) or horizontal forehead lines, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections may be able to help. Men and women considering BOTOX® should be in good physical and mental health, and have realistic expectations about their results.

Although known as a quick, effective treatment that can help you look younger and more refreshed, BOTOX® doesn’t add volume when injected, and won’t improve the appearance of sagging skin. Some wrinkles, like the laugh lines around the mouth, are caused by age-related volume loss rather than muscle movement, and are better treated with dermal fillers.  Dr. Linda will discuss treatment choices with you in more detail at your consultation.


And this is why I use BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dr. Linda